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The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device, at any time. The All-In-One video platform is easy-to-use and designed with Accessibility and Universal Design in mind. Some features of Yuja include:

  • Cloud-Hosted - Host your video and digital media content securely.
  • Drag-and-Drop - Upload content effortlessly with one-click "drop" uploads.
  • Mobile & Tablets - Provides both native and HTML5 video player support.
  • Auto-Captioning - Built-in automatic captioning.
  • Video Quizzes - Create engaging and interactive video quizzes to measure and track retention.


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College Webinars

Yuja has conducted faculty training webinars for each college. If you would like to view the recording for your college, contact your Distance Education POC.


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Tutorial Videos Viewing Order

Software Capture

Installing the Software Capture for Apple ApplicationSoftware CaptureInstalling the Software Capture for Apple application enables you to begin recording from your desktop, podium or laptop computer.202
Using the Software Capture for Apple ApplicationSoftware CaptureThe Software Capture for Apple application provides recording tools on any Apple computer.66
Installing the Software Capture for PC ApplicationSoftware CaptureThe Software Capture for PC application enables click-to-access recording via a laptop, desktop or podium computer.193
Using the YuJa Software Capture for PC ApplicationSoftware CaptureThe Software Capture for PC application enables users to create recordings.99
Watch PointSoftware CaptureIn this video, we will demonstrate how to use Watch Point in the Software Capture for PC application.83

Media Management

Media ManagementMedia ManagementMedia Management provides access and management tools for organizational multimedia content.45
Using Media ChannelsMedia ManagementThis introduction to the Media Channels provides you with the information needed to effectively navigate and use this key feature.58
Managing Media ChannelsMedia ManagementMedia Channels allow organizations to make content available to users in a specific group or course.88
Watching MediaMedia ManagementThe Video Platform allows users to access and watch their own content or any published media.77
Uploading MediaMedia ManagementUploading media enables you to add externally recorded or linked media to Manage Media.103
Sharing MediaMedia ManagementContent Creators and Administrators can share their media with users inside and outside of the Video Platform using video Sharing, Publishing and Direct Links.92
Downloading MediaMedia ManagementYuJa enables you to download both captures and uploaded media content from Manage Media.190
Using the Browser Capture StudioMedia ManagementThe Video Platform offers users the ability to create content using the web-based Browser Capture Studio.80
Using the Video EditorMedia ManagementThe Video Editor allows you to edit videos created with the Software Capture application or Hardware Hub, as well as uploaded content.102
Usage & AnalyticsMedia ManagementUsage & Analytics provides information about storage, bandwidth, users, attendance, insights, and content.75
Courses & GroupsMedia Management 63
Embedding Content in Blackboard Using the YuJa Media ChooserMedia ManagementThe YuJa Media Chooser allows Content Creators to embed media content, including videos and Video Quizzes, directly within a Blackboard course.62