BUSN - Business Course Requirements

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All Business classes require the following:

Microsoft Office 365.  As a currently enrolled Wiregrass student, you have free access to Microsoft Office 365.

Browsers: Chrome current and preceding version, Firefox current and preceding version, or Edge current and preceding version.

In addition to the above requirements the following courses require:

BUSN 1100 Introduction to Keyboarding
BUSN 1440 Document Production
BUSN 2190 Bus Doc Proofreading/Editing


BUSN 1100 Introduction to Keyboarding

BUSN 1440 Document Production

  • GDP Online Software Requirements: 
    • Operating Systems: Windows XP or above (including Vista, 7 and 8), Apple OSX 10.6 or above;
    • Browser: Internet Explorer 7-10, Mozilla Firefox 4.0+, Safari 6.1+ (typing exercises may be completed in Safari, however Document Processing and Word Processing Practice exercises cannot be completed in Safari);
    • 512 MB RAM is required, 1GB+ is recommended, 2+ GB is recommended for assignments with multiple modules;
    • Flash Player 10.1 or above installed and active;
    • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

BUSN 1400 Word Processing

BUSN 1410 Spreadsheet Concepts and Application

BUSN 1420 Database Applications

BUSN1430 Desktop Publishing & Presentation Application

BUSN 2160 Electronic Mail Applications

  • Workstation Recommendations: 
    • Download bandwidth: 5+ Mbps,
    • RAM: 2+ GB,
    • CPU: 1.8+ GHz / multi-core;
    • Display: 1366 × 768, color;
    • Graphics: DirectX, 64+ MB; Sound (for some content)



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