OPHD - Optician (Vision Care Technology) Course Requirements

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All Optician classes require the following:

Microsoft Office 365.  As a currently enrolled Wiregrass student, you have free access to Microsoft Office 365.

Remind App

Access to YouTube for videos.

Exams are taken on campus but any approved to be taken online will be taken via Respondus Lockdown Browser

Approved Uniform and Tool Kit (Tool kit available for Purchase in the Bookstore). Uniforms must be worn while attending online lectures

Additional externship hours are required to be completed during one or more semesters.

Stable internet connection - students will be required to complete online modules from external vendors and will have individual accounts to complete module assignments.

Textbooks are mandatory. A supplies list will be provided during first semester and any needed subsequent semesters (e.g. Vis a Vis markers, graph paper, etc.)

In addition to the above requirements the following courses require:

OPHD 1020 Eye Anatomy and Physiology

  • Students will use Microsoft PowerPoint for an oral presentation on Eye Diseases

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